Past Blood Drive Logos

Here are some of the past designs of advertising for the Carolina Blood Drive, including the inaugural drive in 1989!

1989 Logo with Uncle Ram

1989 – Uncle Ram Wants You!

1990 logo with Uncle Ram

1990 – Uncle Ram Wants You Again!

1991 logo with Uncle Ram

1991 – Uncle Ram Wants You Again!

1992 logo with Uncle Ram

1992 – I’m Giving Blood, Won’t You

1993 logo with Ramses in a hammock

1993 – Volunteer work you can do lying down

1994 logo with Ramses sporting a red cross logo on his arm

  1994 – Be a Part of Carolina’s Winning Tradition…Join the 1994  University-wide Blood Drive

The logo for 1995 is not available

1995 – When You Give Blood, You Give Another Day at the Beach

1996 logo with Ramses

1996 – Rise to the Challenge of Giving

The logo for 1997 is not available

  1997 – It Takes a University…Donate Blood

1998 logo shows a globe

1998 – Ten Years of Giving…Countless Years of Life

1999 logo show the foot logo with tar on the heel

  1999 – Be a ‘HEELer…Give Blood

2000 logo show the foot logo with tar on the heel

2000 – A Heeling Tradition

2001 logo shows Ramses in a tube on the water

  2001 – Be a Life Preserver Lend a Heeling Hand!

2002 logo shows a heart with the year 2002 written on top of it

  2002 – Proud to be a Heeler Carolina Cares

2003 logo shows the outline of the state of NC

  2003 – Changing Lives, One Drop at a Time…Donate Blood

2004 logo shows a blue heart

  2004 – Blood…A Gift from the hearts of Carolina

2005 logo shows a foot with tar on the heel and a tube leading from it to a heart that is filling with blood

  2005 – A Chance to Give, A Chance to Live

2006 logo shows a blood drop driving a race car

  2006 – Leading the Race for Life!

2007 logo show a blood drop dribbling a basketball

  2007 – A Drop in the Bucket Saves Lives!

2008 logo shows an outline of the state of NC with a blood drop shooting over the top

2008 – Heels Helping Heal

2009 logo shows the NC intertwined logo for UNC

2009 – Living the Carolina Way

The logo is a Carolina blue blood drop

2010-2016 – Living the Carolina Way

The logo is a Carolina blue blood drop

2017 to 2022 – Blood drop

Interlocking NC in white on blue blood drop with black border

2023 to present – Blood drop

We are missing some logos from the Blood Drive! If you have a poster or shirt from one of the missing blood drive logo years, we would love to get a picture of it from you! Please contact Lynn Eades if you can help us!